Homemakers, Companions & Sitters LLC -

 Administrator: Sonia Anderson, President & Ceo  
The force behind this Home Health Team. She has been managing  this company since 1997. If there's  a problem you have unsolved  please call and speak to her personally. Your situation will be addressed without hesitation
Human Resources Director: Jamie Anderson, B.A.
Jamie manages this department, interviewing and monitors credentials of all Independent Contractors and Employees. If a client has an unresolved situation with field staff or office staff, he's the person to contact.

 Our on-call Registered Nurse : Marie Default R.N.

Marie is responsible for all assessments for Personal care clients, she's the person to give guidance to all personal care hands on staff. Marie is bilingual
Creole and French.


Staffing/ Receptionist Coordinator: Cassandra D'Meza

Handles our reception and assist with all staffing needs, she's very capable of getting you to the right person at the right time, she's also bilingual Creole, Spanish, we are very happy to have Cassandra as a team player on board with office personnel.


          Thank you for Visiting H.C.S. please come again.
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